John Deere 5045 D Tractor - Specifications, Price in India

John Deere 5045 D Tractor runs on a 3 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine with many advance features not found on most tractors in the market. 45 HP powerful engine with coolant based cooling system no need to fill water, Power steering and oil immersed disk brakes for better control and comfortable riding. The John Deere 5045 D is a very good tractor with an affordable price in India.

John Deere 5045 D Specifications :

  • 3 Cylinder oil cooled engine
  • 45 HP power output at 2100 rev/min
  • Air cleaner is dry type
  • Dual Dry Disc Clutch
  • 2 Reverse and 8 Forward gears
  • 60 Liters fuel tank
  • Comfortable Deluxe driver seats with Safety belt
  • 415 mm Ground clearance minimum
  • 1970 mm long wheel base
  • Oil immersed Disk brakes for better control
  • Hydro static Power Steering
  • Automatic Depth and Draft control
  • 1400 KG Hydraulic lift capacity
  • 12 Volt battery
  • 2500 watts starter motor
  • 1810 KG total weight

Price in India: John Deere 5045 D Price is not available at this time, Contact a John Deere agency. 


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    John Deere 5045 completely meets all my needs,
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