Eicher 380 Super DI Specifications, Price in India, features, Power & More

Eicher 380 Super DI

Features of Eicher 380

  • 3 Cylinder Fuel injected 2500 cc engine
  • Single peace hood easy too open 
  • Top Speed of 30 Kmph
  • 45 liters fuel tank capacity
  • 1980 KG total weight
  • Good ground clearance of 350 mm
  • Automatic Depth and draft control


ModelEicher 380 Super DI
Engine 2500 cc, 3 Cylinder
HP 31 - 40  HP
Engine featuresFuel injection, water cooled
Hydraulic Lift 1200 KG
Depth and Draft Automatic 
Top Speeds 30.8 Kmph forward
Engine RPM 2000 rated RPM
Clutch Single Clutch, Dry type
Fuel Tank 45 L
Brakes Dry Disk Brakes
Wheelbase 1905 mm
Steering Mechanical Steering
Transmission Sliding Mesh
Weight 1980 KG
Battery 75 Ah 12 V battery
Other featuresSide shift, DC, Hydromatic

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  1. Very bad experience when i used eicher 380 in farming, tractor 1st gear speed is very low & 2nd gear speed high, it's problematic when we cultivate" Halki jutai, orai" or use of seed drill
    Where all other tractors perfect this type cultivation

  2. Content me.and price in Mauranipur tahsil of Jhanshi distic.

  3. Price in Varansi Uttar Pradesh of eicher 380

  4. Hello,

    Eicher is one of the best tractor brands in india and eicher 380 is an amazing tractor with some great specifications.

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