Indo Farm 50 DI Tractor - Specifications, Price in India, Features

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Indo Farm Specifications and features

Company Indo farm
Model 50 DI
HP45 - 50 HP
Displacement2730 CC
Engine features water cooled, 4 Stroke, DI, 
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinders
Hydraulic Lift (KG) 1800 KG
Ground Clearance 410 mm
Engine RPM 2200 rated RPM
Clutch Single Disc Ceramic plate 
Fuel Tank 50 liters
BrakesOil immersed Disk brakes
Wheelbase1940 mm
SteeringMechanical Steering
Transmission Sliding Mesh
Weight NA
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Dashboard Speedometer,Temp gauge, 

Price in India: 3 lakh approx* contact your nearst Indo Farm dealer.

AGRI KING 20-55 Specifications, Price in India, features, Power

Agri King 20-55 tractor

Agri King 20-55 tractor comes with latest technology, it is powered by 3 Cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine which produces 188 NM torque @ 2200 rpm. It is a very balanced tractor, good performance as well as very fuel efficient.

Specifications of Agri King 20-55

CompanyAgri King
ModelAgri king 20-55
Engine 3 cylinder, 4 stroke
HP 40-50 HP, 188 NM torque
Engine featuresWater cooled, Fuel efficient
Hydraulic Lift 1700 KG
Depth and Draft Automatic 
Top Speeds 32.00 Kmph forward, 28 reverse
Engine RPM 2200 RPM
Clutch Double, Dry
Fuel Tank 50 L
Brakes Oil immersed Disk Brakes
Wheelbase 2000 mm
Steering Power Steering, Hydraulic
Transmission Synchromesh  
Gears 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Battery 85 Ah 12 V battery
Other featuresDual speed PTO

Agri King 20-55 Price in India: Contact your nearest dealer*.

Eicher 380 Super DI Specifications, Price in India, features, Power & More

Eicher 380 Super DI

Features of Eicher 380

  • 3 Cylinder Fuel injected 2500 cc engine
  • Single peace hood easy too open 
  • Top Speed of 30 Kmph
  • 45 liters fuel tank capacity
  • 1980 KG total weight
  • Good ground clearance of 350 mm
  • Automatic Depth and draft control


ModelEicher 380 Super DI
Engine 2500 cc, 3 Cylinder
HP 31 - 40  HP
Engine featuresFuel injection, water cooled
Hydraulic Lift 1200 KG
Depth and Draft Automatic 
Top Speeds 30.8 Kmph forward
Engine RPM 2000 rated RPM
Clutch Single Clutch, Dry type
Fuel Tank 45 L
Brakes Dry Disk Brakes
Wheelbase 1905 mm
Steering Mechanical Steering
Transmission Sliding Mesh
Weight 1980 KG
Battery 75 Ah 12 V battery
Other featuresSide shift, DC, Hydromatic

Eicher 380 Price in India: Contact your nearest dealer .

Mahindra Sarpanch 575 DI Tractor Price in India, Specifications, Information

Mahindra 575 DI Specifications and Price :


  • 44 Horse power 3 cylinder engine
  • 1480 KG Hydraulic lift capacity 
  •  Fuel efficient engine with high torque
  • Water based cooling system
  • Mechanical steering
  • 1910* mm Wheelbase, 2030 KG weight

Company Mahindra Tractors
ModelSarpanch 575 DI
Displacement2730 CC
Engine features 4 Stroke, DI, water cooled
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Hydraulic Lift (KG) 1485 KG
Ground Clearance 350 mm
Engine RPM 1900 rated RPM
Clutch Single Disc, 280 mm
Fuel Tank 45 L
Brakes Dry Disk
Wheelbase1910 mm
SteeringOnly Mechanical Steering
Transmission Sliding Mesh
Weight 2030 KG
Battery 75 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Oil bath Air filter, Halogen Lights, Strong axles

Price in India: It depends on your state and taxes, contact your nearest dealer.

Sonalika DI 60 Tractor Price, Specifications, Power , features and information

Sonalika Di 60 as the name suggest is a 60 HP tractor made for better fuel economy combined with good performance.

Sonalika Di 60 Tractor Specifications and Features:
  • Powerful but fuel efficient engine, so don't worry about fuel or performance
  • 60 Horse power 3700 cc diesel engine
  • 4 inline cylinders 
  • Lift heavy loads with 1600 KG Hydraulic lift capacity
  •  Oil immersed Disk brakes offer good braking ability
  • 33 kmph forward top speed and 14.5 kmph reverse
  • 2125 mm large wheelbase with 440 mm ground clearance

Company Sonalika LTD
Model DI 60
HP 60 HP
Displacement 3707 CC
Engine features 4 Stroke, DI, Naturally aspirated
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Hydraulic Lift (KG) 1600 KG
Top Speeds 33.3 Kmph Forward, 14.5 kmph Rear
Engine RPM 2200 rated RPM
Clutch Single Disc, 280 mm
Fuel Tank 65 liters
Brakes Dry Disk, Oil immersed
Wheelbase 2125 mm
SteeringPower Steering/ Mechanical
Transmission Constant Mesh
Weight 2450 KG
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Mobile Charger, Oil bath Air filter, 440 mm ground clearance 

Sonalika Di 60 Price in India : Contact your nearest Sonlika dealer or call 8888888888

Sonalika Baagban Tractor - Price, Specifications, features, Power, Mileage

Sonalika Bagbaan 30 Di Tractor features: 

  • 2 cylinder 30 Horse power engine 
  • Compact with a wheelbase of only 1612 mm
  • Disk brakes for better control
  • 1200 KG Hydraulic lift capacity
  • 21 Kmph top speed forward
  • Mechanical Steering
  • 28 liters fuel tank capacity

Sonalika Baagban Specifications:
Company Sonalika
Model Bagbaan 30 DI
HP 30 HP
CC 2000 cc
Engine features Air Filter, Naturally aspirated
Noof Cylinders 2 cylinders
Lifting Power 1200 KG lift capacity
Top Speeds 21 kmph forward, 18 kmph reverse
Engine RPM 2100 RPM
Clutch SC, 254 mm dry disc
Fuel Tank 28 L capacity
Brakes Disk Brakes
Wheelbase 1612 mm
SteeringMechanical Steering
Transmission Sliding Mesh
Weight 1400 KG
Battery75 Ah 12 V battery
Ground Clearance 290 mm

Sonalika Baagban Tractor Price in India: Contact Sonalika dealer*

John Deere 5310 Tractor Specifications, Price in India and more information

John Deere 5310 Features:
  • 64 Hp turbo charged engine
  • 2900 cc with 3 cylinders
  • 2400 engine rated RPM
  • 195 Nm torque wth 1530 KG hydraulic lift capcity
  • 1900 KG weight 68 liters fuel tank

John Deere 5310 Specifications:

Company John Deere
Model 5310
HP 64 HP
CC 2900 cc, liquid cooled
Engine features Turbo charged, Dry Air Filter
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinders
Lifting Power 1500 KG
Top Speeds Not available
Engine RPM 2400 RPM
Clutch Collar shift, dry disc
Fuel Tank 68 L capacity
Brakes Disk Brakes
Wheelbase 2040 mm
Steering Power Steering
Transmission unsynchronized
Weight 1900 KG
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Tyre Size 7.50-16 front, 14.9-28 Rear

John Deere 5310 Price in India:  Contact your nearest John Deere dealer

John Deere 5036 C Tractor - Specifications,Price in India, features Information

John Deere 5036 C Tractor features:

  • 35 horse power 3 cylinder diesel engine
  • 1000 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity
  • Coolant based engine cooling system with overflow control
  • Dry air-filter with easy to clean and clog indicator
  • Hydraulic power steering ensures a steady handling 
  • Oil cooled wet disk brakes for better braking
  • 2.5 kW starter motor with 88 Ah battery
  • 45 liters fuel tank capacity

Specifications of John Deere 5036 C tractor:

Company John Deere
Model 5036 C
HP 35 HP tractor
Engine featuresDry-type Air Filter, coolant cooled
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinders
Lifting Power 1000 KG lift capacity
Top Speeds Not available
Engine RPM 2100 RPM
Clutch Single Clutch
Fuel Tank 45 liters
Brakes Oil immersed Disk Brakes
Wheelbase1870 mm
Steering Power Steering
Transmission 8 forward + 2 reverse
Weight 1730 KG
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Mobile charger, bottle holder, naturally aspirated.

John Deere 5036 C tractor Price in India: Contact your nearest dealer*

Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i Specifications,Price in India, Features, information

Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i Specifications:
  • Comes with the latest technology and innovation from Mahindra 
  • 57 Hp (Horsepower) engine
  • 3500 cc engine with 4 cylinders
  • Forced circulation cooling system
  • Double clutch system for smooth gear sifts
  • Huge 2,200 KG hydraulic lift capacity
  • Top speed of 33 Kmph forward and 17 Kmph rear
  • Comes with very smooth power steering for better handling


Company Mahindra & Mahindra
Model Arjun Novo 605 DI-i
HP 57 Horsepower
Displacement 3531 cc 
Engine features Direct injection, Forced coolant circulation
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Lifting Power massive 2200 KG lift capacity
Top Speeds 33 Kmph forward, 17 Kmph reverse
Engine RPM 2100 rated RPM
Clutch Double Diaphragm clutch
Fuel Tank 66 liters capacity
Brakes Oil immersed Disk Brakes
Wheelbase 2145 mm
Steering Power Steering
Transmission 15 forward + 3 reverse
Weight ________
Battery 85 Ah 12 V battery
Other featuresMobile Charger, Hood, Bottle holder, Music player,

Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 Di-i Price in India: Rs.7.15* - 7.35* ex-showroom

Kubota L4508 tractor - Information, Features, Price in India and Specs

Features of Kubota L4508 Tractor:

  • 45 Hp powerful diesel engine
  • 4WD aka Four Wheel Drive
  • Integral Power steering
  • This tractor has a full-open hood for easy repairs
  • Direct injection

Specification of  Kubota L4508 Tractor

Company Kubota India
HP 45 HP (gross), 43 HP net
Displacement 2197 cc
Engine features 4 Stroke, direct injection, Water cooled
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Lifting Power 1300 KG
Top Speeds 28.5 Kmph Max, 0.7 min
Engine RPM 2600 RPM
Clutch Dry Clutch, Single Stage
Fuel Tank 42 liters capacity
Brakes Wet Disk Brakes
Wheelbase1845 mm
Steering Integrated Power Steering
Transmission Gear Sifht, 8+4
Weight 1365 KG
Battery 75 Ah 12 V battery
Other features 4WD, Mobile Charger,Single Piece Hood, Bottle holder

Kubota L4508 Tractor Price in India : Contact your nearest Kubota Dealer or dial 8888888888

Swaraj Tractors Price in India - Specifications, Price List

Complete price list of Swaraj tractors in India

New Swaraj 735 FE Price and Information
  • 39 BHP 3 Cylinder Engine, Direct Injection, 2600 cc, 2000 Max RPM
New Swaraj 978 Fe Price and Information
  • 72 Hp Powerful tractor, 4160 cc, 4 Cylinder, Double Clutch, 60 Liters Fuel tank
Swaraj 855 Price and nformation
  • 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine, 55 HP , 3300 CC,  Oil Immersed Disk Brakes
Swaraj 744 FE Price and Information
  • 48 HP engine, 10 Geras (8 +2), 3 Cylinder 3100 CC Water Cooled engine
Swaraj 939 FE Price and Information

Swaraj 735 FE Price and Information

Swaraj  834 FE Price and Information
  • 34 HP Kirlosker Engine, 50 Liters Fuel tank, Parking Brake, Power Steering
Swaraj  733 FE Price and Information

Swaraj 722 Super Price and Information

Swaraj 724 FE Price and Information

Swaraj 855 FE Four Wheel Drive (4WD ) Price and Information

Swaraj 978 FE 4WD Price and Information

Swaraj 939 FE 4WD Price and Information

John Deere W70 Combine Harvester Info - Price in India, Specifications & Features

John Deere W70 Combine Harvester Features:
  • Its most unique features is the self cleaning-radiator
  • Posi Drive Mechanism with variator ground drive
  • High tech instrument cluster with digital meters
  • 3 adjustable settings for the cutter bar: Retracted Position, Extended position, Mid Position
  • With adjustable driver seat and tilt adjust steering

John Deere W70 Specifications Information:

Company John Deere
Model W70 Combine harvester
HP 100 HP powerful engine
CC 6800 CC
Engine featuresTurbo Charged
Noof Cylinders 4 Cylinders 
Grain tank2.7 m^3 Capacity
Ground Clearance 454 mm
Engine RPM 2100 RPM
Cutter bar 14 Ft
Fuel Tank 284 L
BrakesDrum brakes
Air intakeTurbo and After cooler
Steering Power Steering with tilt adjust
Transmission 4+1 Gears manual Transmission
Weight 6900KG
Tyre Size Front/Rear:16.9x30, 7.5x16

Price in India: Contact your nearst John Deere dealer or Dial 8888888888

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Price in India Specifications & features

The John Deere CH330 is one of the best and affordable Sugarcane harvesters in the world.

 CH330 Sugarcane harvester Features:

  •  6.8L reliable198 HP powerful diesel engine
  • Reliable and lightweight sturdy Aluminum construction
  • Four Wheel Drive 4WD-Keep Harvesting
  • Wide base cutter design allows heavy can to pass through 
  • Get the latest technology inside the Cabin
  • Powerful hydraulic system for easy handling 

Specifications of John Deere CH330 harvester:

Company John Deere
Model CH330
HP 198 HP
CC 6800 CC
Engine featuresElectronically controled Injection pump
Noof Cylinders 6 In-line
Hydraulic tank227 L capacity
Top Speeds 18 Km/h
Engine RPM 2100 RPM
Clutch Shift on the Go
Fuel Tank 284 L
BrakesDisk Brakes
Air intakeTurbo and After cooler
Steering Power Steering
Transmission Four Wheel Drive 4WD
Tyres 1845 KG
Battery no info
Tyre Size Front/Rear:11x20,12/20.5x25/16 PR

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Price in India: Not Available