New Holland 5500 55 HP Tractor - Price in India, Features and Specs

New Holland 5500 features:

  • Fuel efficient engine with 55 HP power
  • Oil immerses brakes(Disk)
  • Power steering
  • 2 Wheel drive and 4 Wheel drive options
  • Lift-o-Matic
  • Good looking with Anti-corrosive paint
  • Comfortable operator seating

Specifications of New Holland 5500 Tractor:
Company New Holland
Model 5500
HP 55 HP
Gears 8 Fwd and 2 Reverse
Engine features Turbo Charged, IVECO engine
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Drive2 Wheel and 4Wheel
Top Speeds no data
Engine RPMno data
Clutch Dry Dual Clutch 
Fuel TankData not available
Brakes Oil immersed Disk Brakes
Ground clearence no data
Transmission Constant Mesh
Hydraulic liftlift-o-matic with height limiter
Battery 12 V battery
Other features rotary fuel injection pump, side shift gear liver
New Holland Price in India: Contact your nearest dealer or ca;; Justdial 8888888888

Standard DI 475 Tractor - Price in India , features, Specs, Power

Features and Specs of Standard DI-475:

Company Standard Corp.
Model DI- 475
HP 70 HP
CC 4088 cc
Engine features DI,Dry Air Filter, Liquid cooled
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Hyl Lifting Power 1500 KG
Top Speeds 33.71 kmph
Engine RPM 2400 rated  RPM
Clutch Dry Dual Clutch 
Fuel Tank 68 liters
Brakes Dry Disc Mechanical
Ground clearence 475 mm
Steering Worm & Screw
Transmission Constant Mesh
Weight 2450 KG
Battery 75 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Engine driven gear pump
Standard DI-475 Price in India: Contact your nearest Standard dealer or call 8888888888.

Force Balwan 500 Tractor - Price in India, Specs, features, Power

Force Balwan 500 is a very good agricultural tractor with 50 HP power and durable build quality, it is priced very competitively and offers many features.

Force Balwan 500 Tractor Features & Specifications:
  • 60 liters fuel tank capacity
  • 2596 cc, 4 cylinder engine
  • 50 BHP engine
  • Direct Injection
  • Water cooled engine
  • High ground clearance
  • Dual PTO speeds
  • Oil immersed Dual-disk brakes
  • Dual Clutch, Dry type
  • Synchromesh transmission
  • 1920 KG weight
  • 12 V, 70 Ah Lead Acid battery
  • 1970 mm wheelbase
  • 402 mm Ground clearence
  • 1130 KG lifting capacity at lower links
Force Balwan 500 Price in India: Rs. 5,80,000 - 5,90,000

Sonalika WorldTrac 90 Rx Tractor - Features Specifications, Price in India

Sonalika WorldTrac 90 Rx features:
  • 4-Wheel drive and 2-Wheel drive options
  • Electronic instrument cluster
  • 90 HP powerful engine
  • Clogging indicator for Air filter
  • Dual speed PTO, Power Steering 
Specifications of WorldTrac 90 Rx Tractor:

Model 4105 TL
HP 90 HP engine
Torque 339 Nm torque
Engine features4 stroke, Turbo charged, Water cooled
Noof Cylinders 4 cylinders
Lifting Power2500 KG
Top Speeds 33.4 Kmph Forward, 13.2 kmph Rear
Engine RPM 2200 RPM
Clutch Double Clutch   
Fuel Tank 75 liters capacity
Brakes Oil immersed disk brakes
Wheelbase 2050 mm 
Steering Power Steering
Transmission Synchromesh Gear box
Weight More than 2 Tons 
Battery110 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Mobile Charger, 36A 12 V alternator,
Price in India: Contact a Sonalika Agency or call JustDial to find one 8888888888

Sonalika DI 42 Rx Tractor - Features, Specifications, Price in India, Power

Sonalika DI 42 Rx features:
  • 42 HP powerful engine
  • bonnet lock with key
  • Diesel saving unit
  • Air cleaner with clogging sensor
  • Mobile Charger
  • Power steering, Disk brakes
  • Dual-Clutch, 445 mm Ground clearence

Specifications of Sonalika DI 42 Rx:

Company Sonalika
Model 42 Rx, 45 HP Series 
HP 42 HP  engine
CC 2780 cc
Engine features DI, Liquid Cooled,Dry Air Filter, 
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinders
Hyl Lifting Power 1200 KG
Top Speeds 29/12.5 FrD/Reverse
Engine RPM 2000 rated  RPM
Clutch Single/Dual Clutch options
Fuel Tank 55 liters
Brakes Oil immersed/ Dry Disc
Wheelbase 1964 mm
Steering Power Steering/ Manual options
Transmission Constant Mesh
Weight 2060 KG
Battery75 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Mobile Charger

Price in India: Contact your nearest Sonalika Dealer/ Agency or call 8888888888

Swaraj 733FE Tractor - Specifications,Features, Power and Price in India

Swaraj 733 FE features and Specifications:

  • 2200 CC liquid cooled, Diesel engine
  • 2 cylinder engine
  • 34 HP power at 2000 rpm
  • 1000 KG lifting capacity at rear ends
  • 1750 KG weight
  • Disc brakes
  • 12 battery
  • 1810 mm wheelbase
  • Single clutch
  • 8 forward and two reverse gears
Price in India: Contact your nearest Swaraj dealer to know the latest on-road price in your area.