Mahindra 255 DI Power Plus Tractor, Price in India, Mileage, Features and Specs

Mahindra 255 DI Power Plus Tractor Specifications :
Company John Deere
Model 5042 E
HP 20-50 HP  
CC 1365 cc
Engine features Direct injection, Dry Air Filter
Noof Cylinders 2 cylinders
Lifting Power 1200 KG
Top Speeds Not available
Engine RPM 2100 RPM
Clutch Single Clutch
Fuel Tank 48 liters
Brakes Dry Disk Brakes
Wheelbase1830 mm
Steering Mechanical 
Transmission Partial Constant Mesh
Weight 1845 KG
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Tyre Size Front/Rear: 6.00-16/12.4-28

Mahindra 255 DI Price in India: Not available, contact your nearest dealer.

Sonalika DI 750 III Tractor Price in India, Specifications, Features, Mileage

Sonalika DI 745 III Tractor Features:

  • 1200 KG Hydraulic lifting capacity
  • Power Steering variant
  • Oil bath Air cleaner
  • 2000 KG weight
  • Double Single clutch variants vailable

Specifications of Sonalika Di 745 III :

Company Sonalika
Model DI 745 III
HP 50 
CC 2780,cc
Noof Cylinders Three, 
Lifting Power 1200 KG Hydraulic
Rated RPM 2000 RMP
Clutch Double/Single Clutch, 280/310 mm
Fuel Tank 55 Liters
Brakes Oil immersed brakes*
Wheelbase 1970 mm
Steering Mechanical/Power Steering
Transmission Constant Mess
Weight 2000 KG
Battery 12 V, 88 Ah Battery
Other features Clogging Sensor,Oil Bath Air Cleaner

Price in India: Call to know the latest prices +91 1882 302286, 87, 92

John Deere 5042 E Tractor Price in India - Specifications and features

John Deere 5042E Tractor features:

  • Good international design and looks
  • Run your tractor smoothly with power steering
  • Digital hour meter with LCD display
  • Automatic hood opening
  • Piston Cooling via Oil Jets  
  • 42 HP Powerful Diesel Engine

Specifications of John Deere 5042E:

Company John Deere
Model 5042 E
HP 42 HP  engine
CC 3029 cc
Engine features Direct injection,Liquid Cooled,Dry Air Filter, Naturally Aspirated
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinders
Lifting Power 1400 KG
Top Speeds 30.6 Kmph Forward, 13.2 kmph Rear
Engine RPM 2200 RPM
Clutch Single/Dual Clutch
Fuel Tank 60 liters
Brakes Oil immersed, Self adjusting
Wheelbase 2050 mm
Steering Power Steering/ Manual
Transmission Synchromesh (TSS)
Weight 1845 KG
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Under hood exhaust muffler, Mobile Charger,Single Piece Hood, Car type engine on/off, Bottle holder

Price in India: Contact your nearest John Deere dealer.

Swaraj 735 FE Tractor, Price in India, features and Specifications

Swaraj 735 FE Tractor Features:
  • 39 HP, RV - 3 TR Kirlosker Engine
  • 2592 CC displacement capacity
  • 3 Stage Air cleaning system, Oil Blow
  • Parking Brake, Water Sealed Disk Brakes
  • NO Loss Water Cooling system
  • Fuel gauge, Water Temp gauge, Ammeter
Specifications of Swaraj 735 FE:

Company Swaraj
Model 735 FE, RV-3 TR
HP 39 Horse Power
Displacement 2592 cc
Engine features 4 Stroke, Water cooled
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinders
Lifting Power 1000 KG at lower links
Top Speeds 27.4 High, 7 kmph Low
Engine RPM 2000 RPM
Clutch Heavy duty Single Dry Disc, 280 mm
Fuel Tank _______
Brakes Dry Disk, Oil immersed
Wheelbase 1960 mm
Steering Mechanical/Power Steering
Transmission Synchromesh (TSS)
Weight 1925 KG
Battery 88 Ah 12 V battery
Other features Mobile Charger,

Price in India: Not available right Now.

John Deere 5060E Tractor - Features, Price in India and Specifications

Features of John Deere 5060E Tractor:
  • LCD display with Speedometer, hour meter, Service remainder and Battery Volt meter
  • Smart Brakes: Self  adjusting and Oil immersed disk brakes
  • Rotary Pump and Turbo Charge
  • Tilt Steering for comfortable handling
  • Single piece hood with one button opening
John Deere 5060E Specifications:
Company John Deere
Model 5060 E
HP 60 HP Engine
Engine features Turbo charged,Direct Injection
Cooling Liquid cooled
Noof Cylinders 3 cylinder engine
Lifting Power 1800 KG
Top Speeds 32.8 Kmph Forward, 25.4 kmph Rear
Engine RPM 2400 RPM
Clutch Dual
Fuel Tank 68 liters fuel capacitiy
Brakes Oil immersed, disk brakes
Wheelbase 2050
Steering Power Steering, Titt adjustment 
Transmission Synchromesh TTS
Weight 2130 KG
Battery88 Ah 12 V battery, 40 Amp alternator
Other features Dual PTO, Automattic depth and draft control, tilt able steering, Bottle holder

Price in India: John Deere 5060E price coomin soon!